Adaptive governance – a guide from Grow Waitaha

By Diana Wilkes

This document involves themes collated from the analysis of interviews with ten trustees and principals of schools that have been involved in a period of proactive change. It supports Boards of Trustees to provide strategic leadership for their schools to manage ongoing change.

Boards of trustees play a key role in providing strategic leadership for schools. Many schools in Aotearoa are undergoing significant change as their teaching and learning programmes evolve to meet the needs of current and future learners. This includes responding to the increasing role of technology as both a tool and a medium for teaching and learning, and an ongoing shift towards spaces and systems that support and encourage collaborative teaching. 

This helpful guide includes ten tips for governing effectively during times of proactive change (like a redevelopment!). 

Image by: Grow Waitaha

It is designed to be ‘ready to use’ and offers a number of frameworks garnered from a strong research base. If you are on a school board, or interested in change management, this guide is a must read.

Access it from the Grow Waitaha site here: 

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