Cultural Sustainability: Tārai Kura, Kete Rauemi

By Judy Bruce

If you are interested in learning more about cultural sustainability but not sure of where to start, this Tārai Kura Change Kete excerpt may be of value. At the start of 2023, we collated some key resources into one place. Here is a snapshot for you.

For new school builds and redevelopments there is a unique opportunity to seek authentic, reciprocal relationships with mana whenua, increase cultural capability, and develop and sustain cultural narratives.  

The Kete Rauemi is a brief curated collection of some key resources, in response to this pātai:

To what extent does, or might, your school develop and sustain cultural narratives, and ensure that the identities and needs of mana whenua and ākonga Māori are supported during and beyond transformational change?

Key ideas 

  • Te Ao Māori as a worldview embedded within all aspects of school life brings to life Te Tiriti o Waitangi and offers learning for all ākonga.
  • Critical consciousness is an important element of developing cultural capability; raising educators’ critical consciousness makes way for the creation of a more equitable system.
  • Mana whenua partnerships that are authentic and reciprocal support the creation of spaces for Māori to succeed as Māori, and for all ākonga to learn together.
  • Cultural narratives can be woven throughout elements of the physical space, within vision and values, and embedded within the local curriculum.
  • Local curriculum designed strategically with mana whenua provides opportunities for transformative change in knowledge and pedagogical practice.
  • Implementing place- based pedagogies enriches the local curriculum and strengthens local perspectives and partnerships. 

To learn more about some of these whakaaro, check out the attached kete rauemi. 


Change Kete_Cultural Sustainability__Tārai Kura 2023   PDF, 189.6 KB