Helpful resources for planning learning spaces

By Judy Bruce

If you are leading your school through a property design project, then you’ll be looking for some key resources to help. Here we have curated some ideas for you.

In the Tārai Kura Change Kete excerpt below, we have curated some key resources that may be useful as you lead change in linking pedagogy and space. Specifically the Kete contains resources to help answer the following questions: 

  1. To what extent is your school guided by its vision and innovative learning environment principles when making decisions about its use of space and resources?
  2. To what extent does you school have flexible spaces that suit a range of needs, now and into the future?
  3. How does the school use digital technologies and virtual spaces to extend learning opportunities?
  4. In what ways does your school support inclusive practices and specific learner needs through its use of space and resources?
  5. How does your school review its space and resources to cater for growth and changes in purpose?
  6. To what extent does your school consider the shared needs and aspirations of wider networks, such as Kāhui Ako and the school community, when making decisions about its space and resources? — Image by: Judy Bruce

A key resource for your kete 

If you haven’t yet had the chance to read Planning Learning Spaces, by Murray Hudson and Terry White, we highly recommend it. The book is a very practical, easy to read guide for school leaders embarking in the exciting journey of planning an innovative learning environment. To learn more, take a few minutes to explore the accompanying website, Planning Learning Spaces.


Pedagogy and Space_Tārai Kura Change Kete Excerpt   PDF, 381.6 KB