Informing design of learning spaces through school visits

By Judy Bruce

When planning for a new school design, or redevelopment, most school leaders spend time visiting other schools to gather ideas and gain inspiration. To help with this process, Tārai Kura has put together a guide for planning and reflection.

Visiting schools to inform future school design is a common practice. However, after seeing a number of schools it can become a ‘muddle of ideas!’ A Tārai Kura resource has been put together to help guide the process: School visits: A guide for reflection and learning

The guide contains ideas about:

  • what to think about before planning a visit, 
  • ideas of how to gather ideas in a focused way during a visit, and 
  • how to reflect with others following a visit to make the most of the opportunity, and to inform next steps. 

Tārai Kura Ringa Whao are available to help guide this process. If you would like to learn more you can contact us at:


Tārai Kura School Visit Resource for Teams.docx   PDF, 736.6 KB