Leading change kete

By Judy Bruce

Leading the development of a new school or significant redevelopment requires a detailed understanding of change processes, as well as an understanding of the kind of leadership needed for navigating through an entire change process. Consider, how effectively is your school managing and leading complex change?

Key whakaaro

  • Significant change is unsettling, emotive and risky, as ‘solutions’ are unknown, and change requires a letting go.
  • Leading school wide (or systems) change requires a different leadership approach.
  • Adaptive leadership is a framework that includes helpful principles for navigating change.
  • Systems change leaders foster collective responsibility, generative conversations, and the co-creation of a future.
  • School leaders recognise that ākonga need to be at the centre of all change, and are consultative and collective in their approach to journeying with mana whenua, whānau, and all key stakeholders.

Leading change kete

The attached document contains a well curated list of helpful resources to support school leaders experiencing significant change. 

Key resource

In Leading Sustainable Change, school leaders who successfully led their school through change share their insights. The resource includes a quick guide, as well as a detailed road map for leading change. 

By Judy Bruce

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Your Ringa Whao is available to coach you through ideas about leading change. 


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