Space and Resources: A kete to support design

By Judy Bruce

In this 2023 Change Kete excerpt, we have curated key resources to support your journey toward effective school design. Check out the attached pdf doc for a collection of up to date ideas, cases studies, and recent research resources.

Key Ideas | Whakaaro

  • Schools that align vision, principles and pedagogy to space experience greater cohesion and effectiveness when teachers are engaged throughout the design process.
  • Innovative (flexible) learning spaces provide increased opportunities for meeting the learning needs of all ākonga. They also afford many opportunities to support and catalyse collaborative learning experiences (educator-educator, ākonga-ākonga and educator-ākonga).
  • Acoustics, lighting, ventilation, and temperature are four key factors that impact on ākonga outcomes.
  • Using the principles of universal design ensure that the needs of all diverse learners are catered for. Flexible spaces can be changed to suit different learners’ needs.
  • Weaving cultural narrative throughout spaces is part of authentic engagement with mana whenua and benefits all ākonga.

Image by: Lex Davis


Change Kete_Space and Resources_Tārai Kura 2023   PDF, 207.7 KB