Tārai Kura Online Series #2 Mana whenua engagement and the cultural narrative: Informing school and curriculum design

By Judy Bruce

Save the date: Wednesday 31st August, 4-5pm – Zoom session


The Tārai Kura Online Series is for school leaders of redevelopments and new school builds, and will be of interest to all school leaders within Aotearoa. The focus is on sharing innovation, provocation and current, future focused topics. In this online event, two inspiring Foundation Tumuaki (Tony Grey and Lisa Cavanagh) will share with us their experiences of leading their school on a journey toward cultural sustainability. 


Wednesday 31 August, 4-5pm – Zoom session

What to expect?

This series features a flipped approach. To allow time for interactive discussion with our speakers and each other, you will be provided with a short 10 minute video reflection from our speakers to view prior to the event. This video will be sent to you before the event

The event will be a chance to dig deeper through facilitated discussion, plus Q and A. Join us and the speakers as we learn from and reflect together on these questions:

What strategies/approaches have you used when engaging with mana whenua and working toward a culturally sustainable school?

  • How did you journey with mana whenua to develop a cultural narrative?

  • How did you design and develop a local curriculum?

  • What advice would you give to other Tumuaki embarking on a similar process?  

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Meet our speakers

Tony Grey, Tumuaki, Te Ao Mārama School

Tony Grey has held leadership roles in a number of schools and understands the importance of developing a strong, connected school community. As Foundation Principal of Te Ao Mārama School, engaging meaningfully with mana whenua has been front and centre in all aspects of school design and relationships. You can read more about the schools journey to cultural sustainability here

Lisa Cavanagh, Tumuaki Ngākōroa School 

Lisa Cavanagh is an experienced Tumuaki with 25+ years of teaching and leading in education. Lisa is Foundation Principal of a new school in Drury West, one of the fastest growing areas of Auckland. Lisa is committed to building a school that honors Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Part of this journey has been a commitment to understanding and building a two way reciprocal relationship with mana whenua. Read more about the school journey here. 

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