Vision kete for future focused schools

By Judy Bruce

For new school builds and redevelopments, a vision for learning and design process is vital to ensuring that ākonga are prepared for the future. It is essential for school leaders to consider: to what extent does, or how might your school and community articulate a collective, future focused vision for teaching and learning for all ākonga?

In this article we share some key whakaaro related to future focused visioning, and attach a well curated “Vision Kete” which contains key guiding questions and  resources to support school leaders undergoing new school builds and redevelopments.

Key whakaaro

  • Future focused education require tremendous shifts in all aspects of school life.
  • A school vision needs to be reviewed to ensure meaning and relevance for 21st century learning.
  • Vision that is collaboratively designed with mana whenua, and all members of the school community, honours the local context and has a greater sense of meaning and ownership.
  • Vision informed by a cultural narrative reflects bicultural identity and is visible in spaces, curriculum, pedagogy and culture.
  • In new school builds and redevelopments the Visioning for Learning and Design process is essential for creating coherence across all aspects of the school, and gives direction to the school design. This is captured in the Education Brief.
  • The vision is ideally woven through all aspects of school life and this creates cohesion, and a clear sense of purpose. It is reflected in the curriculum, pedagogy, culture, relationships and lived out by leaders and members of the school community. 

For key resources to support future focused school visioning, check out the well curated resource attached. 


Vision Kete for Learning and Design    PDF, 219 KB