Wanting more pānui goodness?

By Diana Wilkes

Perhaps this is the first Tārai Kura pānui issue you have seen? If so, read on to access and engage with all of our wonderful pānui publications to date.

In each of our pānui we aim to hear from those who have experienced or are currently leading redevelopments or new schools.  The nine categories of our evaluative tool are often used as a theme to anchor helpful ideas, strategies and stories:

Tārai Kura – evaluative tool elements — Image by: Tārai Kura

We hope that you enjoy reconnecting with these previous pānui issues.

  • 2022

Pānui 8 – Space and Resources: June 2022 https://hail.to/tarai-kura/publication/89iDzXv

Pānui 7 – Community engagement and partnerships: May 2022 https://hail.to/tarai-kura/publication/b98vNAI

Pānui 6 – Tumuaki insights: April 2022 https://hail.to/tarai-kura/publication/IrzHqxb

Pānui 5 – Tumuaki insights: March 2022 https://hail.to/tarai-kura/publication/LHkUVNK

Pānui 4 – Cultural Sustainability: February 2022 https://hail.to/tarai-kura/publication/lXd4Jhc

  • 2021

Pānui 3 – Visioning: December 2021 https://hail.to/tarai-kura/publication/hS5ZOGl

Pānui 2 – Collaborative teaching and learning: November 2021 https://hail.to/tarai-kura/publication/Rvb7sxK

Pānui 1 – Leading Change: October 2021 https://hail.to/tarai-kura/publication/7eVJD6T